Summer Fun (and Ice Cream!)

by alexandra

Summer Fun (and Ice Cream!) Celebrating summer with poolside living and Nestlé® Drumstick® S’mores. |

Summmmmer! It’s right around the corner and I’m super excited. I mean seriously, if my office could be a lounge chair by the pool, cold drink in hand, I’d be in heaven.

Summer Fun (and Ice Cream!)

Sadly that’s not the case, but I fully intend to spend quite a few weekends by the pool, at the lake, or at the very least, lounging on a patio in a bikini and pretending there’s water nearby. And there will be ice cream. OH YES, we definitley can’t do summer without ice cream.

Summer Fun (and Ice Cream!)

In fact, I’ve already got this whole summer thing down to a perfect science. Here’s the formula:

Pool + bikini + Nestlé® Drumstick® S’mores = summer perfection. Throw in a couple friends/a boyfriend/a SUPER CUTE DOG, and life is golden.

Summer Fun (and Ice Cream!)

And lest you think the ice cream part of the scenario is unneccessary, let me assure you, it’s not. When you live in central California where 100+º temps are the norm and your choices are to either stay cooped up inside all day with the AC or hit the pool, you hit the pool and bring the ice cream. And that’s especially true when said ice cream is basically summer in a cone – toasted marshmallow flavored ice cream with a graham cracker-chocolate coating. Did we blow through a whole box of Nestlé® Drumstick® S’mores in a few hours of poolside living? Why yes, yes we did. (P.S. Not featured in the photos is an ice-cream-loving police chief who happily helped us put a major dent in that box. I’m not 100% guilty.)

Summer Fun (and Ice Cream!)

More fun tips for summer? Put your dog on a boogie board and playfully taunt him with ice cream he can’t eat. Except really, I promise no weiner dogs were harmed in the making of this post. :)

Summer Fun (and Ice Cream!)

NEW Nestlé® Drumstick® S’mores are available from local retailers; visit to learn more.

P.S. I’m realllly hoping Nestlé® jumps on the gluten-free bandwagon next. Making these available for the gf community would be amazing! Just sayin’. :D

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Susan P. June 25, 2016

Nestle Drumsticks are some of our favorites. I like the plain chocolate ones and my kids like the S’mores and the ones with nuts.

deanna June 26, 2016

You are all too cute. Now I want a Drumstick!
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