Lemon Meringue Pie Cupcakes {GF}

May 3, 2016
Lemon Meringue Pie Cupcakes -  The classic lemon meringue pie turned cupcake, complete with a crunchy graham cracker crust, super-soft lemon cake, tangy lemon curd, and fluffy, sky-high meringue to top it all off. |

One thing most of you probably don’t know about me is that last year I worked at a bakery for a little while. YES, a real live bakery that produces desserts for the masses… how amazing is that?! Except no, it wasn’t amazing. I’ve said for a long time that I wanted to work at a bakery – see what […]

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Classic Chocolate Cupcakes

October 27, 2015

It’s about time we had a staple chocolate cupcake recipe around here, don’t you think? Fancy versions with whipped ganache are cool and all, but sometimes a classic is exactly what you need. And this here ➝ chocolate cupcake, chocolate buttercream, + sprinkles ➝ is most definitely a classic. When you write a food blog it’s hard not to feel […]

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Salted Caramel, Chocolate, & Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Cupcakes

August 5, 2015
Salted Caramel, Chocolate, & Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Cakes  - 4 layers of indulgence make up this epic dessert: chocolate cupcake, salted caramel chocolate ganache, vanilla bean ice cream, and salted caramel drizzle. |

I’ve hesitated for a long time on whether to share these ice cream cupcakes, partly because they’re a little bit high-maintenance, and partly because after a while, the photos started to seem a bit lackluster and destroyed my motivation. But for some reason, I’ve kept all those photos on my computer anyhow and kept the […]

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Boozy Irish Cupcakes

March 16, 2015
Boozy Irish Cupcakes - A classic Irish-inspired cocktail turned epic boozy cupcake. | #stpatricksday

Cocktail-turned-dessert ➝ guaranteed to be a good idea, am I right? I’d say it’s especially true when that cocktail is an Irish Car Bomb – aka a shot of creamy Bailey’s and a shot of smooth Irish whiskey dropped into a frothy cup of Guinness Stout.  If those three PLUS a solid dose of dark chocolate don’t […]

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Dark Chocolate Espresso Cupcakes

January 29, 2015
Dark Chocolate Espresso Cupcakes - moist chocolate cupcakes frosted with whipped ganache make a rich chocolate treat with a bold coffee kick! Perfect for Valentine's Day| #GhirardelliVday #CG

I hope I never run out of ways to put as much chocolate as possible in a cupcake, because… let’s be real here… chocolate makes everything a million times better. And if you follow me on Instagram or know me at all, you have to know that coffee and chocolate are two things I absolutely […]

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Classic Red Velvet Cupcakes

June 23, 2014
Classic Red Velvet Cupcakes - the only red velvet recipe you need!|

 Am I the only one who just realized that next Friday is the 4th? As in July the 4th? As in we’re already halfway through 2014?! Woah. Not to mention the fact that it’s prime time to start thinking about 4th of July recipes… Do you already have this all figured out yet? If so, […]

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Double Chocolate Cupcakes with Strawberry Cream Cheese Frosting + Minted. Giveaway! (Giveaway Closed)

January 27, 2014
Double Chocolate Cupcakes with Strawberry Cream Cheese Frosting + a $100 Minted. #giveaway! |

Rose cupcakes and a Valentine’s Day Minted giveaway… I’d say Monday is off to a pretty sweet start, wouldn’t you? There’s all kinds of good stuff going on here today: perfect chocolate-chocolate chip cupcakes, an incredible strawberry cream cheese frosting that will knock your socks off, and $100 towards Valentine’s Day cards from Minted. – because […]

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Confession #137: I have an excuse… Pumpkin Chocolate Spiderweb Cupcakes

October 22, 2013
Pumpkin Chocolate Spiderweb Cupcakes with Spiced Cream Cheese Frosting from @brighteyedbaker | Confessions of a Bright-Eyed Baker #halloween #cupcakes

I feel like I need an excuse for splurging on cupcakes all week, so I have one ready – Halloween recipe testing! Truth? Halloween hasn’t really been a big deal to me in a loooong time. It’s like a holiday that isn’t really a holiday. Also, I hate scary things – not silly “scary” things […]

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Ice Cream Sundae Cupcakes + A Giveaway! (Giveaway Closed)

July 12, 2013
Thumbnail image for Ice Cream Sundae Cupcakes + A Giveaway! (Giveaway Closed)

So today, we have two orders of business. One involves ice cream. And cupcakes, fudge sauce, whipped cream, maraschino cherries, and… sprinkles. You know it’s gonna be good. The other involves a GIVEAWAY!! Also a good thing, for sure. So, first things first – Ice Cream Sundae Cupcakes. I’m not actually sure that I’ve ever had […]

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Ball Drop Cupcakes

December 27, 2012
Thumbnail image for Ball Drop Cupcakes

Can you believe it? New Year is seriously right around the corner. Before we know it we’ll be saying goodbye to 2012 (although, I for one know it’ll take me at least a month to get used to writing 2013). But even though we’ve all probably been inundated with food and sweet treats as the […]

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