DIY Oat Flour

A lot of the healthiest recipes I have on this site use oat flour in place of regular flour. Although it has the word “flour” in it, there is actually no wheat in oat flour, and it’s a much healthier option than regular flour. You can purchase oat flour, but I have never done so. It’s easy enough to grind oats for oat flour yourself, plus it’s practically free and will save you a trip to the store!

Here’s how (full recipe below):

Simply start out with a blade grinder and 1/2 cup of oats.

Place oats in the blade grinder and grind for about 30 seconds, until the oats have turned into a fine powder, like flour.

DIY Oat Flour
Serves: generous ½ cup oat flour
  • ½ cup oats (I have only ever used old-fashioned oats)
  1. Place oats in a coffee bean (blade) grinder. I recommend doing ½ cup oats at a time so as to not overfill the grinder.
  2. Grind oats to a fine, flour-like consistency, about 30 seconds give or take.
  3. That's it! You have your own oat flour!
I have also tried using a food processor to make oat flour. Although it works, it is harder to get the oats as finely ground as necessary. If you use a food processor, I recommend sifting the flour once made to remove any coarse bits of oat.



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