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Cranberry Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookies

August 22, 2017
Cranberry Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookies - Your classic, soft & chewy oatmeal cookies, mixed with tangy dried cranberries and gooey pockets of chocolate chunks.

I feel like these cookies are a little bit rebellious. They’re not seasonal, they’re not super trendy, and they’re probably not gonna do anything for your summer body. And yet here they are, in all their thick, chewy, oaty goodness, because there’s never a bad time to bring more homemade cookies into the world. The […]

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Lightened-Up Double Chocolate Muffins {Dairy-Free}

January 23, 2015
Light and tender double chocolate muffins made healthier with NO white flour, coconut oil, and just enough brown sugar for sweetness  -- a chocolatey treat without the guilt. {Dairy-Free} |

My kitchen has been out of commission for the last few days, which has inevitably led me to rediscover the fact that I’m not at all suited for a desk job. Food blogging basically involves three main things: the actual baking/cooking, the photographing, annnnnd then the computer stuff. It’s that last part that gets me every […]

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Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

October 9, 2014
{The BEST} Soft & Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies - a serious cookie lover's dream come true. |

Hellllooooo BEST COOKIES EVER. Actually there are wayyyy too many good cookies in the world to possibly choose a single best, but these are definitely up there on my top shelf. I love these Soft-Baked M&M cookies more than words can explain, and there are a few recipes I’ve yet to share that are every bit as […]

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Confession #138: I’m Behind the Times… Healthier Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

November 21, 2013
Healthier Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins - Tender and moist, chocolate-filled muffins with no butter, oil, or white flour! |

Are you all pumpkin’d out already, it being mid-November and all? Fingers crossed you’re not, because I made you muffins! Not JUST muffins, but healthy(ish) muffins with pumpkin and choc-O-late. It can’t be too late for that, can it? The thing is, I really have no idea how it came to be this late in […]

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Brown Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies + Kallari Chocolate

September 7, 2013
Thumbnail image for Brown Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies + Kallari Chocolate

I seriously don’t know where the time is going. I just know that there doesn’t seem to be enough of it right now, which is why I’ve been sort of off-the-radar for the past week plus. I’m back though, with cookies, because… you just have to make time for cookies. Duh. BUT, today isn’t just about the […]

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