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Fudgy Flourless Peanut Butter Cup Brownies {gluten-free}

August 2, 2017
Fudgy Flourless Peanut Butter Cup Brownies - The ULTIMATE rich, oooy-gooey, and chocolatey brownies, with perfectly-crinkled tops and chunks of peanut butter cups in every bite.

If fudgy, rich, ooey-gooey, chocolate-loaded brownies with perfectly crinkly tops aren’t your thing, this recipe isn’t for you. I still love you for reading and might point you in the direction of these blondies instead, but full disclaimer, today’s brownies are  INTENSE in the best way possible. In fact, let’s just take a moment to assess […]

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One-Bowl Guinness Brownies

March 10, 2017
One-Bowl Guinness Brownies |

YOU GUYS. For the second time this year I’m actually on top of the holiday recipe thing. I didn’t miss Valentine’s Day and now I’m comin’ at you with Guinness brownies to fill your St. Patrick’s day with beer and chocolate. I mean honestly, what kind of blogger would I be if I missed an excuse to […]

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Chocolate-Topped Chewy Caramel Blondies

August 16, 2016
Chocolate-Topped Chewy Caramel Blondies |

Wowza. Not even sure where to start with these blondies except to say that they are RICH – rich with dense buttery-brown sugar goodness, chewy caramel in every bite, and a thick layer of chocolate ganache on top. Did I cut them into giant squares for the photos you see here? Yep. Did I eat an entire giant […]

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Pumpkin Pie Crumb Bars

October 21, 2014
Pumpkin Pie Crumb Bars - pie crust gets swapped out for a moist, cake base and a irresistible crumble topping in this easy recipe.

These crumb bars are for all of you out there who don’t like pie crust — to which I say, you’re craaaazzzzy, but we can still be friends. :) Basically, imagine taking a cinnamon-spiced, brown sugar-infused whole wheat dough and a rich, nutty crumble topping smattered with graham cracker crumbs and dotted with pecan bits, […]

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Confession #144: I can’t catch up with myself… Peanut Butter & Jelly Bars

February 24, 2014
Peanut Butter & Jelly Bars - the classic PB&J sandwich in an irresistible, cookie-like, crumb bar form. |

Embarrassing fact #1: I literally made and photographed these PB&J Bars more than a year ago, and then somehow never got around to posting them. Embarrassing fact #2: This is so not a one-time scenario. Somewhere in the mess of  3 scribbly recipe notebooks, 2 computers full of photos, and 1 jumbled brain, I have […]

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Magic Bars + a Video!

December 13, 2013
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Magic Bars Recipe - a peanut butter graham cracker cookie base layered with sweet and gooey sweetened condensed milk, chocolate chips, and peanut butter chips. A fast, easy, addicting dessert! |

I feel like I’ve just rediscovered how incredible peanut butter is, for the umpteenth time in my life. I mean, I KNOW it’s good, but sometimes it just takes a heavy swirl of nutella or a solid helping of dark chocolate to remind me how much I love peanut butter. Anyhow, I’m officially loving peanut […]

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Easter M&M’s Blondies

March 22, 2013
Thumbnail image for Easter M&M’s Blondies

You could say I’ve been into M&M’s lately. First it was Nutella Brownie Easter Egg Nests with M&M’s Speck-tacular Eggs (I always feel funny spelling that out) and now it’s Easter M&M’s Blondies. I think it’s the colors; I’m so ready for spring, and how can you not love all the colors popping out everywhere? […]

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Raspberry Truffle Brownies

February 9, 2013
Thumbnail image for Raspberry Truffle Brownies

I hereby interrupt the talk of chocolate-covered strawberries and cake to bring you Raspberry Truffle Brownies. Sorry?  It is, after all, almost Valentine’s Day, and I still have a couple recipes I’m trying to cram in to share with you guys before then. These aren’t just any recipes, they’re recipes with chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. […]

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bars

January 13, 2013
Thumbnail image for Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bars

Peanut Butter. Chocolate Chips. Cookie Bars. ALL IN ONE. Yes, please.  I’m pretty sure the whole word loves the combo of peanut butter and chocolate. The most popular recipe I’ve ever posted seems to be proof of that. And these bars? Pure awesomeness. Dense with peanut butter, sweet, loaded with chocolate chips, and ready to put […]

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Confession #101: I Lose Things… Molasses Bars with Graham Cracker Crust

January 6, 2013
Thumbnail image for Confession #101: I Lose Things… Molasses Bars with Graham Cracker Crust

Remember the Homemade Graham Crackers I made a while ago? Well, I stashed some in the freezer since I made so many, because I can’t stand cookies getting old. Or at least, I thought I did…. When I tried to find them later, I couldn’t, and I finally decided it must have been my imagination. Fast […]

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